About Us Polaroid

David Sidgwick Decorative Glass Design Specialists was established in 1985 by the proprietor. He started his career at the age of 15 as an apprentice under the tuition of traditional craftsmen. Due to his outstanding ability and ambition, by the age of 19 he was running the decorative glass department for a large and successful glass design company in Sheffield, where he remained for the next 17 years. However, when promotion at a leading Stockport company presented itself, he leapt at the opportunity to return to his home town.

His thirst for a new challenge remained unquenched, and at the age of 38, he decided to take his wealth of experience and industry knowledge to establish his own decorative glass design company from which point he has never looked back. The company grew from strength to strength during the 1980’s and 1990’s, leading to expansion to cope with the increase in demand.

David Sidgwick has become one of the Northwest’s leading craftsmen in the glass industry. He produces work for all the major breweries in the Greater Manchester region and is also recognised and recommended by the majority of glass suppliers in the locality.

The Sidgwick name has become synonymous with excellence and personal service, with much of his workload being due to recommendations from suppliers and customers alike. His portfolio of work is diverse, ranging from commercial pieces for Coronation Street’s Rovers Return to domestic mirrors and door panels. The highlight of his career so far has been the design and creation of an eight foot high glass panel to commemorate the opening of Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport by the Duke of Edinburgh.

Decorative glass design involves the surface treatment of glass utilising various techniques, this practice is as ancient as the craft of glass making itself. Throughout the ages, treated glass has been incorporated into buildings as diverse as Roman temples and Victorian public houses to create atmospheres of splendour and beauty. Embellishing the surface of glass brings it to life. Whether it is engraved or embossed, cut or coloured, sandblasted or gilded, the skilful hand of a craftsman can transform the relatively dull surface of glass into one which sparkles with reflected light.